Our Vision

For Greg, the Amazfit T-Rex smartwatch was perfect for hiking famous trails across the country: keeping track of his steps on the golf course was an added bonus. He spent most weekends out with his wife and their friends: golf, getaways, dinners. For months, Greg chalked up missing pieces of conversation due to noisy restaurants or nearby traffic.

"I was missing most of what everyone was saying when we were out doing stuff," he recalls. "I don't think of myself as old: I just did the La Jolla Valley hike last weekend!"

For Shelly, a Zepp Aura member, using the app's soundscapes and meditation throughout the day was essential for handling the many tasks of a Marketing Director. "It wasn't until a few years into the role that I even realized I had trouble hearing," she recalls of the day. "I was in meetings with people 10 feet away from me and I could only make out three or four words at a time."

These moments were the start of an opportunity to create a life-changing solution for millions of people around the world facing hearing loss. "I was using the T-Rex watch and Zen Buds regularly for a year or two at that point, and I thought it would be great if Zepp Health were to explore developing hearing loss aid devices as well." Both Amazfit users submitted suggestions to Zepp's R&D team to consider developing a hearing aid solution.

As the Zepp Health team began research, they found interesting data that helped shape their commitment to building a hearing aid solution that would help people live better. The World Health Organization estimates that over 430 million people worldwide are affected by hearing loss, including 48 million Americans.

That number is expected to balloon to nearly 2.5 billion people in 2050, but currently, only one in five individuals who would benefit from a hearing aid make use of one. The remaining four who do not seek assistance are strongly susceptible to a host of issues, including cognitive decline and feelings of depression and isolation.


"I was always embarrassed by the thought of a hearing aid, like I'm saying that there's something wrong with me if I use one."

Zepp Clarity One: A Clear Approach to Hearing Loss

The Zepp Clarity R&D team began by building upon the company's already robust research and success in acoustics and smart wearable technology. By leveraging years of experience designing and building proprietary hardware and software enjoyed by millions of Amazft smart wearable users, we were able to quickly move into development and testing.

To create the best product possible, researchers, scientists, and audiologists recruited 30 hearing-impaired patients and conducted rigorous testing to ensure optimal performance, comfort, and discretion. This research, alongside breakthroughs such as an 18-hour battery that maintains 80% capacity after three years of continued use, allowed the creation of the first Zepp Clarity hearing aids.

These sleek, high-functioning earbuds are made with medical-grade silicone and measure a mere 3/4 of an inch, ensuring both comfort and discreet wear. When worn, the Zepp Clarity earbuds continually adapt to users’ lifestyles, delivering a personalized and advanced hearing solution that is discreet and customizable.

Shelly's found success with them not just in work, but in her personal relationships as well: "I'm thrilled that I can wear them during my meetings without anyone noticing: I even wear them out to dinner with friends now. After spending so many years nodding along to conversations I couldn't hear, I feel like I'm really back in my own life again."

And because they integrate seamlessly with the Zepp Clarity app, you can select from one of 12 customizable modes such as Restaurant or Crowd as well as user-defined presets with customizable treble and bass responses.

As we receive insightful feedback from our users, we continue to invest in our research, development and engineering with the knowledge that it would improve the health of people around the world. That commitment to continual innovation and better wellbeing through smart technology is at the heart of everything we make and the guiding principle of Zepp Health.

Signaling a New Age in Hearing Health

Greg now wears the Zepp Clarity hearing aids most of the day and can't wait to get the next word in a conversation: "The ear buds have been amazing. I get to chatter on the golf course, talk to my wife on our RV trips, listen to my grandkids talk about school: I wish I had looked into hearing aids sooner."

If you're one of the millions of people who aren't as active, social, or productive because of hearing loss, we have a solution that will help you hear the world : try our free hearing assessment today and pump up the volume on complete wellbeing.