Zepp Clarity One

2 reviews

Risk-free for 45 days

Pay in installments with

  • High grade silicon tips with in-ear technology less than 1" long
  • 18 hour battery life including a rechargeable carrying case, which can be charged wirelessly
  • No battery replacement required. One charge lasts up to 2 weeks
  • Noise cancellation, adaptive feedback cancellation and wind noise suppression
  • Double tap to switch programs with voice indicators
  • Download the app on iOS and Android to customize your device with 12 possible settings
  • Store in a cool, dry place
  • Daily cleaning using included cleaning kit recommended for optimal performance
  • Rechargeable case and hearing aids are not water resistant
  • Comes with replaceable earwax guard and cleaning tools
Shipping & Returns
  • Free Standard Shipping
  • 45 Day Return
  • 12 Month Limited Warranty

Easy To Use

Customizable app options tailored to meet your individual needs

  • Personalized environmental programs
  • Customize treble and bass
  • Access to resources and contact support
  • Easy to check battery information
Scan with your phone to download the Zepp Clarity app

Virtually Invisible

Discreetly blends within the ear canal

Size:  19.3x6.8x11mm, Weight: 1.05g per ear



Convenient USB-C connected charging case, which supports wireless charging

Battery lasts
18 Hrs
Fully charged in just
2.5 Hrs

Test For the Right Fit

Request a test sample kit to see if Zepp Clarity One provides the right fit for your ears

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Zepp Clarity One Product Review

Dr. Alexi Silance, AuD

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Suzie H

The hearing devices are easy to insert, are very comfortable and the sound quality is great. The app easily connects to the charger and is very easy to use (with step by step instructions). Customer Support is excellent!!!!! I highly recommend it!

Alex M

I purchased the Zepp Clarity One recently.   Have been wearing them about two weeks.

This is an improvement from my previous hearing aid brands. It took me a few days get used to having them in my ear. Now I do not think about them at all and take my hearing for granted. I can hear in all environments, i.e., one-on-one conversations, talking on the phone, in crowds, and watching TV. I have recommended them to a friend who was impressed with the difference they have made for me.   This Clarity One filters out the background noises.  And there is little or no hiss.  Most hearing aids just amplify the sounds around me.   Zepp Clarity One improves the quality of sounds I am hearing.  

D. Lukehart

After resisting hearing aids for almost 40 years, I recently tried the Zepp Clarity One, and I couldn't be more satisfied. The learning curve was minimal, and after a very short time, I felt like I had worn them forever. I barely notice I am wearing them, but my friends and family sure do!​​​

I especially like the ability to use the app to set up the four separate programs for different tonalities, volume levels, and environments. I recommend Clarity One for anyone who has had a less than satisfactory experience with other hearing aids. But I mostly think people like me, who have hesitated to try hearings aids, should try these without hesitation. They have improved my hearing, and quite honestly, my quality of life, in a very short time. I cannot see a downside to Clarity One

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