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Zepp Clarity Omni

From seamless Bluetooth call handling to music streaming options and built-in Auracast, experience precision audio in an over-the-ear model.
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Zepp Clarity Omni

Specifications and Features
Listening Features
  • Wind noise and whistle suppression
  • Adaptive feedback cancellation
  • 6 programmable settings through Bluetooth
  • Built-in Auracast capability
  • Seamless Bluetooth connectivity for most cell phones, tablets, and additional pairing devices.
  • Full-frequency receiver designed for high-quality music/audio streaming and call handling.
  • Over-the-ear model in light gray casing
Battery Life
  • Up to 18 Hours of continuous charge
  • 65 hours of additional power with charging case
  • USB-C rechargeable carrying case
Shipping & Returns
  • Free standard shipping
  • 45 day risk-free return (no questions asked)
  • 12 month limited warranty

Introducing Zepp Clarity over-the-ear hearing aids.

A seamless option for every day use.

Seamless integration between your devices.

From seamless call handling, music streaming, and built-in Auracast capabilities, experience high quality audio in an over-the-ear Bluetooth model.
Take phone calls
Stream music

Design innovation in every detail

Crafted with care and engineered with precision, our earpieces redefine the standards of ear comfort.

Bluetooth Integration

Connect your Bluetooth devices, stream high quality audio/music and take phone calls effortlessly.
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Extended battery life

Lightning charging speed with up to 4 hours of continuous operation on a 10 minute charge.
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Enhanced listening clarity

Suppress noise, eliminate feedback, and reduce wind interference for unparalleled clarity.

Uninterrupted listening all day long

Designed to work all day on a single charge. Compatible with USB-C and  your all day listening device without interruption.

18 Hrs

Battery life

3 Hrs

Fully charged


Fast charger

Balanced listening control

From noise filter options to treble/bass settings, switch between profiles without taking it out of your ear.

What people are saying?

"Zepp Clarity One has helped me hear better, communicate better, work better over Zoom, and feel better. Being able to communicate in these ways has improved my life."
rating star
Linda, Clarity One Customer
"With many hearing aids, you can hear fine, but you have a big device on your ear. Having both excellent hearing and feeling normal is a game-changer."
rating star
Jodi, Clarity One Customer
"The Zepp Clarity One device is extremely comfortable, and its specific hearing programs run independently, making it easy to use in most environments."
rating star
Linda, Clarity One Customer

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