What is Zepp Clarity one

Is Zepp Clarity One considered a medical device?

Yes, the Zepp Clarity One hearing aid is considered a Class II medical device and is registered with the FDA.

Do I need a prescription from a medical professional to purchase the Zepp Clarity One hearing aid?

No, you do not need a prescription. You can purchase Zepp Clarity One directly from our website: clarity.zepp.com

How long will it take me to receive my Zepp Clarity One (from the time that I order it)?

Most orders will be shipped from our warehouse within 1-2 business days from purchase. Depending on the shipping speed selected at checkout, the total time to receive your hearing aids may be 5-7 business days.


What is Zepp Clarity One?

What is the Zepp Clarity One hearing aid?

The Zepp Clarity One hearing aid is a recently launched, nearly invisible hearing aid that is inserted in your ear canal. It is supported by an app which enables the user to customize their experience. Zepp Clarity One is most appropriate for people who are experiencing mild to moderate hearing loss.

What accessories are included with the Zepp Clarity One hearing aid?

Your Zepp Clarity One system includes everything you need to successfully begin your hearing journey and includes the items pictured below:

Where do I find the Zepp Clarity hearing app?

The Zepp Clarity App is available for Android and iOS devices. You can download the app in the Google Play store or the Apple App store.

Do I need the app to use the Zepp Clarity One hearing aids?

For the best experience, we encourage our customers to download the Zepp Clarity app to be able to personalize their hearing aids to fit their needs and lifestyle; however, the app is not required to take advantage of the hearing benefits Zepp Clarity One will provide.

Can I buy Zepp Clarity One for only one ear?

For first time purchases, the hearing aids are sold in complete sets and are not sold separately.


Care & Maintenance

What is the warranty for the Zepp Clarity ONE hearing and what does it cover?


The Zepp Clarity One offers a 1-year limited warranty starting from the date of delivery. It covers material and workmanship defects for the device, including the hearing aids, internal components and charging case. This warranty is guaranteed by Zepp, Inc. For more detailed information, please see our full warranty: https://clarity.zepp.com/warranty-and-returns

Are replacement parts provided or is a subscription service available?

Accessories to help you maintain your hearing aids are currently available for purchase through our Customer Support team at 1.855.619.4327.


Zepp Clarity One Accessory Pricing:

Zepp Clarity One Power Kit              $25

Zepp Clarity One Ear Tips Kit           $20

Zepp Clarity One Earwax Guard      $20

What do I do if my Zepp Clarity One hearing aid is not working?

If you are having trouble with your hearing aids, we are here to support you! Please contact our Customer Support team at 1.855.619.4327. Our team is available Monday through Friday from 8am-5pm CT. We would be delighted to assist you.


Hearing Health

What is the difference between a hearing aid and an amplifier?

There is a difference between a hearing aid and an amplifier. Healthyhearing.com provides a helpful description of the differences between these two products: Both hearing aids and personal sound amplifiers amplify sound; however, there are major differences between the two products:


Hearing aids are Class 2 medical devices regulated by the FDA. They are customized to a person's hearing loss.

PSAPs (Personal sound amplification products) can be purchased over-the-counter and are not customized to a person's unique hearing loss pattern.

What is the difference between mild, moderate, severe and profound hearing loss?

Hearing loss is measured on a scale of decibels (dB), and is graphed on an audiogram. Normal hearing for adults is 0-25 dB, a mild loss is 26-40 dB, a moderate loss is 40-55 dB, a moderately-severe loss is 55-70 dB, a severe loss is 70-90 dB, and a profound loss is 91+ dB. A person with mild hearing loss is able to do well in quiet situations or 1:1 conversations, however, hearing and understanding becomes difficult in noisy situations, such as restaurants or cocktail parties. Moderate to moderately severe hearing loss often complain that others mumble when they speak, frequently ask for repetition, and have difficulty following a conversation, even in quiet. The television is often quite loud and disturbing other listeners. A severe hearing loss makes it virtually impossible to follow a conversation without a hearing aid. Individuals are heavily dependent on visual cues, such as reading lips. The television is very loud and often not tolerable for other listeners. A person with a profound hearing loss is unable to hear any speech sounds or most environmental sounds without a hearing aid or cochlear implant.


About Zepp, Inc.

Who is Zepp, Inc. and what does the company do?


Zepp Clarity, an innovative smart hearing solutions brand, is part of Zepp Health (NYSE: ZEPP), a health technology company.

Guided by its mission to empower users to live their healthiest lives and the belief that hearing health is crucial to total wellness, Zepp Clarity hearing aids help users conquer every day challenges of hearing loss.

Backed by Zepp Health’s leading hearable technology with already over 40+ million active users in the smart wearable space, and leveraging the expertise of leading audiologists, Zepp Clarity’s discreet, nearly invisible hearing aids adapt to users’ lifestyles, delivering personalized and advanced hearing solutions accessible to all.

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