Veterans + Hearing Loss

According to the Office of Research and Development, hearing loss is the most prevalent service-connected disability ( As an audiologist, I have had the opportunity to provide service to Veterans throughout my career. I have participated in the Compensation and Pension testing process, provided hearing aid evaluation and management as a contractor for the VA, and worked with veterans who were seeking hearing healthcare separate from the VA.

Many veterans have been exposed to significant gunfire and/or blasts while deployed into areas of conflict or as part of training exercises. However, others may have hearing loss that is more likely related to their daily work. Professionals who are exposed to the noisiest work environments include construction workers, factory workers, and airport ground workers. All of these professions are present in the military. In addition, many of the planes and ships where servicemembers work long hours and sometimes live have an overall higher noise floor than is typical. We know that consistent, long-term, daily exposure to noise puts you at risk for hearing loss and tinnitus, both of which can create barriers to communication and connection with friends and families.

Ensuring that veterans have the best care available is a particular passion of mine because I am a military spouse. I have seen in my professional and personal life the impact hearing loss and tinnitus can have on the quality of life and I strive to do what I can to reduce that impact. While many veterans are eligible for hearing aids through the VA, this is not true for all. If you, or a loved one, are a veteran with a hearing loss, I encourage you to reach out to the VA and see if you qualify to have hearing aids provided for you. If you do not qualify for hearing aids through the VA and have a mild to moderate hearing loss, call our customer service line, or schedule a time to talk with me personally about the Zepp Clarity One.

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Cindy McManus, Au.D.

I am an audiologist with over 20 years of experience in the hearing field. I have worked in various settings and have experience evaluating hearing, fitting hearing aids, and providing hearing support.

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