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The Impact of Noise on Hearing Health

Exposure to excessive noise can have a profound impact on our hearing health. Whether it's blaring sounds at a concert or constant noise in work environments, understanding the effects of noise on our hearing is crucial for long term health.

We’ll explore the potential risks of noise-induced hearing loss, the importance of prevention, and practical steps you can take to safeguard your hearing.

Worker puts on protective hearing protection

Types of Hearing Hazards

In our daily lives, we encounter noise in a number of various settings. Attending a loud concert and experiencing ringing in our ears afterward is an obvious example.  However, there are other noise-inducing activities that may go unnoticed:

  • Music/headphone at loud volumes
  • Riding a motorcycle
  • Mowing the lawn
  • Loud power tools/Heavy machinary

Noise in the Work Place

Industries like factories, farms, construction, and music often expose workers to high levels of noise. To comply with regulations from OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration), employers require employees to wear hearing protection.

We recommend a trusted brand name like 3M, as their hearing protection can provide up to a 30dB reduction in noise.

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Take our 5 minute hearing test to determine if you’re a candidate for hearing aids.

Prevention is Key

The good news is that noise-induced hearing loss is preventable.  By taking proactive measures and avoiding excessive noise, you can safeguard your hearing.

Simple steps like using earplugs or earmuffs in noisy environments, keeping the volume at a reasonable level when using headphones or earbuds, and taking regular breaks from prolonged exposure to loud noise can significantly reduce the risk of hearing damage.

Hearing expert poses with medical hearing instrument

Seeking Professional Guidance:

If you suspect hearing loss or have concerns about your hearing, seeking professional guidance is essential and should be done immediately.

Audiologists (Hearing Doctors) are trained experts who can evaluate your hearing, provide personalized advice, and recommend appropriate hearing protection devices. Regular hearing check-ups can help identify any early signs of hearing loss and allow for timely intervention.


By understanding the risks associated with noise-induced hearing loss and implementing proactive measures can better support hearing health for years to come. With prevention being the key when it comes to preserving our hearing abilities, making informed choices and create a quieter, healthier environment for ourselves is essential for long-term health.

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Take our 5 minute hearing test to determine if you’re a candidate for hearing aids.
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Dr. Alexi Silance

Dr. Alexi Silance is an audiologist and integrative and functional medicine practitioner who has worked in the hearing health space for over 20 years. Her experience spans both clinical settings as well as corporate environments. She is passionate about bringing a holistic approach to treating hearing health and wellness.

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