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Founded in 2013, Zepp Health is a global smart wearable brand with 40 million users in 90 countries and 200 million units sold. Our products, including smart wristbands, watches, and headphones, help users achieve daily health and fitness goals.
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While supporting millions of users, we continually improve based on community feedback.
Our research team identified a widespread request for a Zepp solution to hearing loss, prompting engagement with users across the globe.
Through our research, Amazfit T-Rex smartwatch users faces challenges related to hearing loss in noisy environments during his outdoor activities.
These moments were the start of an opportunity to create a life-changing solution for millions of people around the world facing hearing loss.
For Shelly, a Zepp Aura member, relying on the app's soundscapes and meditation was crucial as a Marketing Director. Reflecting on her journey, she realized her hearing challenges during meetings, where she struggled to comprehend just a few words from people 10 feet away. These experiences inspired her to envision a life-changing solution, suggesting the exploration of hearing loss aid devices by Zepp Health.
In their research, the Zepp Health R&D team discovered impactful data, reinforcing their commitment to develop a hearing aid solution.
With over 430 million affected globally, including 48 million Americans, the World Health Organization highlights the widespread impact of hearing loss. Despite an anticipated increase to 2.5 billion by 2050, only one in five individuals benefiting from a hearing aid currently uses one.
The remaining four face risks such as cognitive decline, depression, and isolation.
I was always embarrassed by the thought of a hearing aid, like I'm saying that there's something wrong with me if I use one.

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